Bubbles Cocktails

Bubbles Cocktails

Nothing says a celebrating like bubbles. Really, it can be any bubbles, Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or Sparkling Wine, and they will make the most ordinary day feel special. But when you really want to bump up the celebration (be it for New Years Eve, a birthday or even just a Friday after a long week) a Bubbles Cocktail makes it feel so much more special.

Making a simple cocktail is easy, and you only need 4 ingredients:


  1. Your favourite bubbles
  2. Flavour enhancer (think juice or cordial)
  3. Soda water (optional)
  4. Garnish (optional)


Pretty simple, right? You just need 1 part juice, 4 parts bubbles and top up the rest of your glass with soda water. Add a garnish and you’re done!

You can do this with any combination of things. In the picture above I tried a Blueberry Cava with Basil, Rosé Prosecco with Strawberries, Pomegranate Champagne with Pomegranate Seeds and a Guava Sparking Wine with Rosemerry (this would also be fantastic with Mint).

Now, if you really want to get fancy with your bad self you can try a Sparkling Wine Float. That’s right, a float. Just add a scoop or two of your favourite fruity sorbet (here I used Fiasco Gelato Mango Pineapple Dairy-Free Sorbet) to your favourite bubbles and a touch of garnish if you wish.

Simple right? Who knew being fancy could be so easy (and delicious)? Now go out there and celebrate like a champ with your fancy new cocktail ideas.


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