Urban Butcher Charcuterie

Urban Butcher Charcuterie

We love a good Charcuterie around here, so when Urban Butcher asked us to highlight their Charcuterie Box, we of course said yes. With multiple salamis, smoked duck (yes, it is as good as it sounds), dry chorizo and pâté with gluten free crackers – you really cannot go wrong.


2 boxes of whole grain Sesmark crackers
3 Pioneer Dry Salami. Spicy Sicilian, Cranberry Walnut & Lemon Pistachio
1 Pioneer Green Peppercorn OR Cherry Apricot Pâté
1 package of Viva Deli Dry Spicy Chorizo
Urban Butcher Smoked Sliced Duck Breast


First, grab a great plate or serving board. This will be the base for putting out all of your delicious meats and crackers. Make sure its pretty big (about the size of a cutting board) to be able to fit everything. Next, slice up your salami – nice and thin. You want it easy for people to eat. Note, these salamis have a casing on them, so make sure you remove that before slicing.

Then, it is as easy as you think – lay it all out! Make sure to nicely place your meats on the board, laying them out in a way that is easy to grab. Give room for slicing the pâté, and then add your crackers to fill the spaces. Add a garnish if you wish – or just serve as is – and dig in!

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