Blanching Peaches

Blanching Peaches

Ever wondered how to get the skin easily off of peaches and nectarines? Blanching is by far the easiest way and all you need is a slotted spoon, small knife, saucepan of boiling water and bath of ice water.


Score and “X” into the base of the peach (ie the opposite end of the stem), as seen in the photo above. Place in boiling water and ensure that all sides are being covered in water. Boil for about 2 mins, or until the “X” begins to widen. Promptly remove the peaches from the boiling water and place immediately in the ice bath. Let sit for about 5 mins to cool.

Once cool, use the edge of the knife or your fingers to grab the lifting edge of the “X” slit. As you pull the skin down the peach it should easily remove from the flesh. If it does not, your peaches require further blanching. Continue your way around the peach, slowly pulling off all of the skin, until no skin remains. Repeat with remaining peaches.

Note: This works best with ripe peaches. It will be more difficult with unripened or firm peaches and some of the skin will stick.

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