Toasted Turkey & Provolone Sandwich

Toasted Turkey & Provolone Sandwich

So you’re sitting out on your patio, the leaves are blowing gently, a warm summer breeze keeps you cool as the smell of spring flowers hangs in the air. You have a Big Rock Rock Creek Peach Cider in your hand and then it hits you, you know what this day needs? Some freaking Christmas. I mean, it is June and its been six months since Christmas. Why not get back to that festive time of year? Should you break out the Christmas tree? Probably not. You’ve probably just been out in the sun to long. That said, certain tastes of Christmas still taste good at all times of the year, like Turkey and Cranberry, just, in a sandwich form. This sandwich is great for patio afternoons with or without sun-induced Christmas fever. Enjoy!


2 slices of sourdough
1/4 cup arugula
4-5 slices of turkey deli meat
2 slices of provolone cheese
2 tbs cranberry sauce
1 tbs mayo


Toast the 2 pieces of sourdough then spread the mayo on one slice of bread and the cranberry sauce on the other. On the slice with the cranberry sauce, layer the turkey and provolone. Place in the microwave (or toaster oven if you have it) for 10-20 seconds or until the cheese is melted (timing will depend on the strength of your microwave). Add the arugula on top of the melted cheese and place the piece of toast with mayo on top.

Serve immediately.

Makes 1 sandwich

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