Turkey Basil Sandwich with Tomato & Herbed Goat Cheese

Turkey Basil Sandwich with Tomato & Herbed Goat Cheese

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a simple sandwich made with the best ingredients. I picked up this beautiful loaf of sourdough from our local Italian Centre last Saturday and was inspired to make a delicious sandwich. I used some Wholesome Goat Herb & Garlic Spreadable Goat Cheese as a base and topped it with fresh basil (a nice change from your usual lettuce) and tomatoes from the garden and some delicious turkey slices. With a finishing touch of some balsamic crema, I couldn’t help but make myself a second slice!

Easy and delicious lunch made possible by some great base ingredients – because everything always tastes better when you start with better ingredients!

Note: If you’re not feeling the open-faced sandwich vibes, you can always cut yourself a second slice and close it up. 🙂


1 thick slice of fresh bread (preferably sourdough)
1 tomato, sliced
50g Wholesome Goat Herb & Garlic Goat Cheese Spread (find it here)
1/4 whole basil leaves
4-6 slices of good quality turkey deli meats
1 tbs balsamic crema (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste


Toast the slice of bread until it just starts to turn golden brown. Spread a generous helping of the herbed goat cheese all over the bread and layer with the basil, turkey and tomato slices. Top with salt, pepper and a drizzle balsamic crema if you wish.

Makes 1 Sandwich

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