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About Us

So, who makes all these recipes anyways? Well, let us introduce ourselves! Hello – we’re Lindsay and Mike.

We love to eat and love to cook and really love anything wine, beer or food related. We started this back in 2014 as a way to share recipes with our friends – and haven’t stopped since! With now over 200 recipes, we’ve got lots of options for you to choose from for no matter what you are looking for. Can’t find what you need or have a question? Feel free to drop us a line.

We also love local. So you’ll see us sometimes work with tasty local brands (or just give them a shoutout to support) to highlight some of their great products. Obviously, these are often just available where we are – but the recipes still work with other similar products as well. So, if you don’t live in Alberta, just look for something similar in your local neighbourhood.