About Mike

the Beer Lover


Hi, I’m Mike.

Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m (probably) the odd one on the blog.

Since Lindsay started working on Wine, Food & Friends back in 2014 I’ve been supporting behind the scenes, sacrificing myself as the guinea pig to the cause, valiantly trying recipes that make it onto the blog (I’m a very well fed guinea pig).

In addition to being the resident taste tester and sous chef on occasion, I’m also a lover of craft beer. I’ve tried over 600 different beers across multiple countries (from Canada, to Brazil to New Zealand). I can say with certainty that offering somebody a beer is great way to make friends, regardless of whether you speak the language or understand the culture.

And so, from my passion for beer and Lindsay’s love of food came the Wine, Food & Friends of today, where we’re always looking for complements between plate and glass. Here’s to a collective love of craft beverages and good food. The universal medium for bringing people together. We hope you enjoy the blog.ย Cheers!