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Welcome to our little food blog of delicious recipes, tips & tricks. What started out as a little hobby has grown into a passion for giving people the means to have a full love-affair with food.

We’re all about providing straight forward and easy-to-follow recipes for beginner to intermediate cooks looking to up their cooking game, impress guests and venture into everyday gourmet cooking. Simple but delicious appetizers, mains, sides and desserts will help you bring your everyday meals from ordinary to extraordinary and give you the ability to easily create “fancy” dishes that are sure to wow crowds at your next dinner party. We’ve recently been working with Big Rock Brewery to create both recipe pairings and recipes utilizing their beers. You can find them all here.

All the recipes are tested, adapted and photographed by us! For more inspiration and delicious photos, be sure to get social with us on: InstagramTwitterFacebook, & Pinterest.


the Author

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I have been fortunate enough to have parents’ who love to cook gourmet food. Consequently, I love to eat and have been taught to always analyze recipes in order to strive for better results.

Our family loves to cook, eat and entertain. We believe that the best meals start with good drinks, delicious food and close friends. It is that belief that drives my passion for food.

What started as being my parents’ dessert chef has grown into a full love affair with food and passion for cooking. Thanks to my parents’ encouragement, countless dinner parties, plentiful tips, tricks, gadgets and recipes; I have written a cookbook, started a food blog and look for new recipes, techniques and ideas at every turn. After coming back from travelling, I asked my friends for a project that I could work on – their request was that I create a site for my recipes so they could stop asking me for them. Wine, Food & Friends was born and I haven’t stopped since.

Since the beginning, my goal has been simple: give people the means to love cooking as much as I do, with recipes, tips and tricks straight from my kitchen. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, or take a long time. The best recipes are easy, delicious and impressive.

I hope this blog inspires your passion for food as well. Here’s to good wine (and beer!), good food and good friends! Cheers!



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    isabelle Baumann Lenot

    Hello Lindsay, Discovered your blog through Price and Benny ‘s incredible adventure ! we are french, cooking lovers (I used to work for 20 years for Cuisines et Vins de France Magazine and Gault et Millau guide ; we have one feet in our paradise in Alsace for summer and xmas time and the other feet in Montreal !
    hope to see you one day and we keep in touch ! isa

    • 2

      Hi Isabelle,

      So glad to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying seeing my parents adventure! I am glad you love food as much as my family does, and I hope that you enjoy the recipes on this site. I would love to keep in touch and hope that we can connect one day.


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